I'm going to make a documentary.


After twenty years as an owner of my own company in the music and art industry I had to make some different choices when in 2020 Corona came. After a 800 km hike through Europa I made up my mind and decided to change my life. Other work, less stuff, a minimalist lifestyle and live more sustainable.
I started a job at a Dutch outdoor sports store. This change felt so good that the rest went very natural.
This is when I knew I wanted to live a more meaningful life. I became more one with nature and with myself and I decided that it was time to really make a change. I sold my car, went from a big house to a small appartment and I live a simple life with a small as possible impact on our planet.


Now I dream bigger!

I go bikepacking around the globe to visit some great sustainability projects in search for answers on how to deal with the climate crisis. I will make a documentary and a vlog about the projects that I visit and about my journey.


This journey and the making of a documentary are the beginning of a search to what we can do best to save our planet but most of all it is a search for solutions. Do the solutions lie in stop consuming animal products, in stop using fossil fuels or in stopping the mass production and over consumption? Can we even stop these things in the neoliberal capital system that we live in? Or do we first have to change the system? In my documentary I will try to find answers to these questions and more. I will speak with people who can help me in the search for these answers.


My question for you is if you are willing to be part of this adventure in any way?

What I give in return is my effort for a better world and good publicity for you or your company.

I would love to tell you more about my project HERE

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Yours sincerely,

Tjeerd Zwinkels.